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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


RIP Colton 

Last week, the world lost another beautiful soul because of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Colton Berrett left this world because complications from the HPV shot GARDASIL that he received two years ago. Right after the shot, he developed transverse myelitis, inflammation around the central nervous system which causes partial paralysis.

Gardasil has NEVER been proven to prevent ANY cancer. In fact, it's only a theory that HPV even causes cervical cancer. And boys do not have why did he get the shot? Because vaccine makers refuse to give up any potential market for their product, so now the company is pushing it for boys with health claims that have never been proven.

Colton died just two month shy of his 18th birthday. He should have been heading to college and enjoying the last of his teenage years.

Not suffering to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, like Merck -- the maker of the Gardasil vaccine that killed Colton, and the ex-company of Learn The Risk founder Brandy Vaughan.

Merck should be charged with MURDER for lying by about the safety and (lack of) effectiveness of this vaccine and causing the deaths of hundreds of children.

People should be going to jail, not cashing big checks $$ as they watch children suffer and die because of their lies.

Rest In Peace Colton. You are now watching over us, shining your light bright on those of us fighting for justice for you and the other children that you followed into the light.

We will NEVER stop fighting for you.

For more info on the Gardasil vaccine watch this 20 minute video of founder Brandy Vaughan, it is packed full of inportant information:

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I had no idea that he had taken his own life.  I'm sorry, but these idiot parents who are vaccinating their children are complicit in this and will have to answer for it too.  I will say again to these ignorant parents.  Close your damn legs and quit breeding.   Let those souls go to real compassionate, knowledgable and conscientious parents who would raise them to also be compassionate, healthy and conscientious people, free of vaccine damage, so that they, too, will have a fulfilling, rewarding, and productive life.


Colton Berrett took his own life last weekend after struggling for years with massive health issues that occurred directly after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Will Merck, the maker of Gardasil, be charged with murder?

Merck has blood on it's hands for continually covering up the very REAL and very serious side effects of this vaccine, including the thousands of deaths.

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To help us educate & for more info on vaccines:

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CDC pushes doctors to call HPV vaccine "cancer prevention" even though no proof exists...but royalties do (see next link):

NIH (US government licenses patent to Merck for Gardasil, meaning royalties $$):


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Package Inserts and Manufacturers - Institute for Vaccine Safety


HPV Vaccine

50 studies on its dangers 

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The Truth About Vaccines will have their THIRD re-launch later on this month.


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