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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Orpheus in the Underworld: Can Can · Jacques Offenbach Classical Music.

I have always loved this classical song.

Reminds me of when I was around 10 or 11 and in the beginner/immediate band, and one of the high school concert bands playing it.

Our concert uniforms consisted of black straight skirts (for girls), and white button up blouses. There were two of us in the band at that time, so one of my sisters and I were at the local city auditorium. I remember wearing that and when one of the concert bands was playing this, I was skipping up and down the aisle to the music. Pretty sure this was the song, because I think of that incident every time when I hear this.

I did enjoy being in the school band so very much.

See?  It's sometimes this kind of music too, instead of the bomp bomp, wham bam, thank you ma'am electronic dance music.  I can get down to this kind of classical too.

Since my daughter plays piano, I had sent this to her to learn it.  I'm better at playing by ear, but if I had a keyboard here, I could figure it out and play it eventually.

We played alot of classical music and overture type stuff in the concert band too.  It would take me a while to remember the name of all of the songs, but I loved playing the stuff and how we sounded all together.  It was amazing to me.

And our marching band was well known for playing "Delta Dawn".  The crowds always stood up to cheer for that one. We also got the grand award of "The Greatest Band in Dixie in 75 and 76.  New Orleans, marching down Canal Street, several miles, with taped up feet to prevent arch collapse. I graduated in 75, so I got to enjoy ONE year of that honor. Band trips were the best.  I hated school, but the band was the ONLY thing I've ever liked about school.

And here is the pep band I was in, that played at basketball games and The Follies.

Pep Band at The Follies. Yes, I'm in here along with one of my sisters.  :D
Our band director loved Chicago, so we played alot of Chicago's songs of the 70's.

After our local Fair's performance.  We all had just changed out of uniforms.
I'm kinda hiding.

My daughter was in the same band too, and I only have one picture that was made, and the rest of all of our band pics, are on another backup HD, which won't work on this MAC.

Age 14 or 15.  She can play piano, flute and guitar.

Yep, we were band geeks.  Alot of band geeks end up being DJs, btw.

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