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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nano Chips

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These are the nano chips/implants being put in our bodies without our knowledge or consent.

The green implant came out of me January 28, 2018 after a anti nano bath with EMP pulsing and the second this morning February 5, 2018.

These are the chips interfacing with the smart dust and the wireless frequencies we are inundated with controlling our emotional thoughts and impulses and overriding our DNA.

Detoxing with salt bath, electro magnetic pulsing, a modified diet of no corns, grains, sugars, soy will help remove it and keeping your bioelectric fields high. Remember this biology self replicates, it doesn't stop growing in our bodies. Unregulated tech in our food stuffs, cosmetics, water, air, even our undergarments.

Do you still think we live in a free country??

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