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Monday, July 9, 2018

The Daily Messenger: What a whiny little Bitch that Don guy is...

The Daily Messenger: What a whiny little Bitch that Don guy is...:

At least we still have beauty - Eastern Sierras, outside of Bishop, CA. 
~Don Bradley - The Daily Messenger

It's ironic isn't it. I provide proof of the heavenly realms and am shunned by the christian community...


Have never thought of any of your posts as whining.  I love the honesty and your straight forward style of posting.  Always have. 

I have never enjoyed church because of all the preachers screaming at the top of their lungs. Preaching AT someone and teaching someone are two different things.

But the awesome way these posts are presented to all of us, makes us thirst for more truth.  It's the pure heart behind these presentations too.  Real truth only makes us want to know more truth. 

All these years, all these posts, I have loved reading, learning, and ESPECIALLY the spiritual phenoms presented to us.  The phenomena posts are and have always been my favorite posts to see.  And we here have so appreciated all your spiritual posts and hard work.

And Our Spiritual World blog is my favorite one.  Just keep doing as Dad directs you to do.

Like what Donna does with the Vaccine thingy. There is no money in truly serving humanity, only getting a good boot in the teeth, eh Donna? 

Nope, no money, but that's okay. We have affiliate programs for money stuff.  :)

We want to save innocent children, who are getting the worst of the worst these days. And that's why we do it.  It started with Robert's 4-month old grandson Davin, who died from vaccines in 2001.  We were already beginning to learn about them even before he was born.  His daughter was pressured by one of NY State's murdering pedophiles, errrr pediatricians, and she succumbed to the threats.  So Davin passed a week and a half after the 4-month vaccines.  It really broke my husband's heart. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.  It was the worst feeling. We then became involved with VacLib, and then shortly after, moved up here from the Southeast.

Ingri refers to it as volunteer work.  I call it service to others, which I think is what we are here for, and that is to help others.

Regarding the good boot in the teeth, I know what you mean, but it made me think of how my poor teeth are screaming.  Robert's too.  I have been asking Dad for a brand new set. And for a long time too. Not from dentists' hands, but from Dad's hand only. Dentists have ruined and failed me.  So for me, it's "Go big, or go home".  Only Dad can do it right.  He can make me smile again.

We pray that Dad bless our favorite Daily Messenger (and all the cats!).

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