Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Juicing and Raw Foods: Day Two of the latest fast (as they go by)

Juicing and Raw Foods: Day Two of the latest fast (as they go by): Embarked upon yet another fast, liquid diet only--juices, water, whatever aqueous comestibles appeal at the time. No hunger pains or urges to eat...

I'm on Day 18 of a month long candida cleanse. While it's not really a fast, per se, it is getting rid of yeast critters.

I have to follow a Candida Diet (just for the month), and take the herbals that came with the kit.

Then when it ends or ending, I go straight into NCR. So my body is going to be getting a major shock (good one!), and hopefully start behaving with the original design it started out with.

It's literally taken me YEARS to undo all the damage that my parents has inflicted upon me, and also the damage they allowed to have done to me (mercury fillings, vaccinations, deprivation of breast feeding, minerals/vitamins, and particularly love-my dad).

The longest fast I've done is 8 days of liquid via the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse. Oh, that is upcoming again too, probably a month or so after the NCR has had time to settle.

Then will be a liver flush. And it always makes me throw up too, but at least I can get stuff out, if it's there. I try to do 4 a year, but usually manage 2 a year.

One month Candida Cleanse stuff.

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