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Candida Summit

Monday, March 19, 2012

Juicing and Raw Foods: The Fast: Day 3

Juicing and Raw Foods: The Fast: Day 3: Still no hunger pangs. Drinking lots of water, orange juice, apple/carrot juices, etc. Metabolism is adjusting to the lack of solid food and is noticeable...


This also, is worth reposting. I'm going through some of this right now with the Candida cleanse.

Gabe Valdez is the guy that is coaching me thru this.

About 4 days into the cleanse I started feeling super lethargic, like I just barely existed. It took great effort going up the stairs to the computer room to work. And I DID feel like I was going to die without my fruits and smoothies.

It IS tough, because the pleasure going in is the pain going out as he posts. I'm having all these weird pains with this candida cleanse.

1. Increased back pain and spinal subluxations. Particularly the upper back between the shoulder blades. It's so tender there, you'd think I was going to sprout something from that area.

2. Headaches so bad, that I was suffering nausea one night. It's a detox reaction, because they're worse. But I've been having the occipital headaches since 2005. All this damn slipping on snow, ice and frost isn't helping it any. NCR is going to be helping me with that. 10 more days until NCR and I'm counting.

3. Legs hurt so bad and ached all over, with no additional exercise or anything. They were so bad that one night I could not get any rest. I had to have them massaged just to be able to sleep the following night. That pain is now back down to a dull roar.

4. Flare up of old injuries such as two sprained ankles at separate times in my life. They've been hurting just as bad as the original injuries. I've had to ask my chiropractor to adjust the ankles. I have severely pronated feet to begin with.

I've been reporting these to Gabe, which he finds interesting effects of the cleanse.

My skin broke out initially, which it usually never does, but it wasn't too bad.

Bags under the eyes? Yes. Ugh. Fugs!

It's not a juice fast as he is doing, but there are foods that I CAN NOT have right now. Not even organic fruit juice smoothies. Veggies is fine (except carrots, beets, potatoes). Candida feeds on sugar, so that means any fruit or veggie that can turn into sugar. Lots of leafy greens are what I'm suppose to have and RAW. Now after the cleanse, I can go and have my berry smoothies I love so much.

The smoothies are the main thing I'm struggling with too, because they're my favorite food/drink.

And water? YES! A big 32 oz jar of water sitting right here on the desk.

Sleeping longer? Yes, sleep until noon or later.

All my veggies on this candida cleanse have to be raw. Can be juiced or just eaten raw. Either or is okay.

I have to have saturated fat, Gabe says. I do like the virgin coconut oil, and that's good for hormones too. Fatty fish like salmon (baked only). Gabe also said buffalo meat, cause it's fatty, and I'm like "OH HELL NO!" PUKE! That's the toughest stuff. So the coconut oil will suffice as a substitute, and is allowed. I LOVE the coconut oil.

On salads, olive oil with lemon juice, garlic, but no regular dressing. I usually have the balsamic that we make ourselves, but can't have the vinegar, so it's a little more bland.

Cravings? Yes. I'm having those too and sometime dreaming about eating certain things. But now over halfway thru the cleanse, I've found myself craving plain water.

Keeping the water in me, helps with hunger pangs by keeping me feeling full.

I'm going straight from this cleanse and DIRECTLY into NCR to start fixing the structure. My body is going to be shell shocked for sure. NCR will also allow more detox to take place, because the structure working better, it will be able to handle the job of cleansing. And yes, I've been dreaming about that too.

And I'm not done yet.

I still have to do another colon cleanse, which IS a juice and water fast, while taking the herbs. I did one in 2008. Time for another.

And then the yucky liver flush, which makes me hurl. But the upside is, that my skin will look super good after all of that.

I've had two compliments on my skin just this week.

Even the candida cleanse is not easy either.

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