Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Sunday, April 10, 2016

DAY 7: Lyme disease, brain and anxiety!

Wahoo! Made it to Day 7! The last day of new talks!
Tomorrow is Encore Day, during which all talks will be replayed!

Can still sign up to watch a marathon!

Discover the impact that Lyme disease has on your brain and its link to anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism and many more!

But first, discover the effect that Lyme disease has on your brain and its link to anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism and many more!.

Trudy Scott, CN
Tryptophan and GABA to Ease the Anxiety and Panic Attacks
How to take targeted individual amino acids
Pyroluria and the nutrients to take for it
Discover the neurotransmitter linked with low self-esteem

Erin Elizabeth
Recovering from Lyme Disease
Protocols used for recovery
Role of the mind in recovery
Tips for staying in remission

Niki Gratrix, BA, DipION, mBANT, CNHC
The Role of Stress and Emotional Trauma with Lyme Disease
3 steps to address emotional trauma
Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences
3 ways stress and trauma affect you

Kenneth Stoller, MD, FACHM
Brain Conditions Have Infection with Them
Alzheimer’s link to Lyme disease and other spirochetes
Special antibiotic that doesn’t work like a typical antibiotic
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Sally Schutz, MD
Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Oxidative stress and the disease it creates
BX Protocol
Learn the S.T.O.P. Technique


Sally Schutz MD - Mito dysfunction
Quantum healing
Anti-aging miracles of cbd oil - book
She beat lyme, diagnosed in 2003 by live cell microscopy
Morbid depression/panick attacks/social anxiety/OCD went on for 4.5 yrs, dreaded night and day couldnt sleep only 2.5 hrs, brain neuropathy and encephalopathy, chronic vomitting syndrome for 4.5 yrs constant contractions
-summer 2014 drug induced coma 4 days
-only once saw spirochete in 13 times of microscopy
-lyme is soup of organisms that are pleomorphic and change shape/hide
-mito energy suppliers for all cells except rbc, highest in brain
-BX protocol colonics, positive quiet time, cant have moment of doubt, cant have anyone in life thats negative, need positive affirmations
-SQT - special quiet time
-when sick, mind/body cant tolerate negativity, what you think/talk about is what you will contract
-must have state of belief that you will be well. Say ‘I am well, i am flourishing fully”
-colonics #1 detox process available - eggs, parasites worms, waste products from GI tract, oxylates etc, not same as enemas

BX energy catalyst fructose molecule with high electrostatic charge, has oscillatory match with stealth bacteria etc
-first 4-6 wks didnt notice anything, 6-8 wks sleep better, 10-12 wks vomit better, 4 months everything improved
-by 6 months felt totally well, now 14 months later, feels better than has in 13 yrs
-BX says expect to feel better in 1 yr
-did past life regression to help recovery - hypnotic technique, gently taken into mindframe where go back in time where coach or therapist stimulate different memories for you
-have no doubt stay positive, make prayers what will be like when will be happy
-place self in state of what want and have no doubt
-feel it taste it smell it hear it make it yours

Kenneth Stoller - healing brain
Brain injury and healing
-alzeihmers acutally lyme neuroborelliosis
-no one cares to treat conventionally bc no money is in it
-90% lyme patients asymptomatic until come to surface
-even if diagnosed appropriately what treatment do we have? What testing do we have confirm that infection is gone?
-theres no pharma company to sell you
-cdc only announces through scaring public then offering something like vaccine
-lyme vaccine made people much worse (lymerix) reactivated dormant lyme infection, then vaccine was quietly removed form market as soon as was released
-psychiatric people/clinic actually had brain infection not social problem
-if in brain can make any mental/cognitive issue known to man then alzeihmmers disease
-psychiatrists like to treat neurotransmitters dont look under stone - infection being cause
-lyme is a facultative anaerobe - can tolerate O2 only up to a point will die after, if go above 160 mm of Hg will kill organism
-HBOT - 100% oxygen under pressure 60ft under water to 4-600 mm Hg is lethal to organism, will also penetrate biofilm
-uses drug called nitazoxanide (alinia) rips apart different biofilm and bugs
-take with o3, curcumin, saunas, colonics
-30% population can get rid of lyme just with this drug, uses alinia, doxy and zithro for most patients then pulse them after first round
-once first round done with no bad feeling, then start to pulse and introduce HBOT
-PCR only positive in 30% of patients so dont have good test to know if lyme gone
-home chambers mild HBOT - go to 12 ft below sea water pressure, can provoke herx in home chambers. 2.8 atm will get into every recess of body must be at 100% oxygen, home chamber wont get there
-big advocate for home chamber for brain injury + kids with cerebral palsy
-there is anti-tuberculosis drugs that will chelate manganese out of body, say that lyme needs manganese
-alinia attacks cancer, mycobacterium, Hpylori, lyme, protozoa, doesnt lose punch or get resistant too,,, oxytocin the book

Erin Elizabeth
-bitten at 13 yrs old
-worked with mercola/suzy cohen (friends) and did western blot and was positive
-dr klinghardt/cowden also told her. Lots of dif docs told her had it now had to treat
-worked with many docs able to help
-didnt do longterm abx
-had constant ear infections as child - didnt want more abx
-first thing did was heal gut
-lost 35 pounds in 90 days, having trouble building muscle tone
-first healed gut, changed diet then went after lyme
-no sugar, no grains, watery food/fruit
-nystatin 30 day term
-saline implants made her very sick when put in, then took them out
-switched workouts from intense to yoga, pilates to slow things
-if have adrenal fatigue or lyme dont need to do high intensity excercise
-did intermittent fasting
-colonics helped to make a difference
-take time away from EMF, smart meters etc, uses farraday cage
-had mold in her implants
-also had mold exposures in home
-working with Dr Cowden on emotional work
-keep the faith, will get better

Niki Gratix
NES health and supercharged
-body does not heal it con-ceals, can bring up traumas from yrs ago
ACES - adverse childhood experiences -physical, sexual, emotional abuse - linked to illness and autoimmunity . also intergenerational trauma
-chronic stress in brain causes kindling in brain, so gets wired for stress causes inflamed brain
-chronic fear response, = limbic kindling
-for each amound unresolved bacterial infection = unresolved toxicty = unresolved emotional trauma - Klinghardt axiom
-Belief system - belief about ability to recover gigantically important, need to believe deserve to get well
-part of issue in getting well is see self as who are created or meant to be vs being the disease or symptom
-need to commit to want to recover. Acknowledge disassociated parts of self pushing you away from recovery. Move out of illness identity - discovering who you really are and reclaiming parts of yourself
-get your ace score -
What can do at home? - start exploring and writing our whole history
Therapeutic clinical help?
Childhood disrupted book to read- Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Enneagram personality test - go to their website do free test. Wisdom of the enneagram = book to read. Maybe took on mothers traits or grandmothers to react to things etc
-do body work before meditation - something like yoga at home
-resolve own trauma, take power back and re-discover who we are
-clinical help - telling your whole history to a psychotherapist to tell you ‘this is how should have been’ , NLP technique (neurolinguistic programming),, hypnosis family constellations, DNRS - annie hopper,
-Bert Heninger - intergenerational healing of trauma
-Peter Levine - Somatic Experiences
-Network Spinal Analysis
-Eye movement desensitization
-100 different ways and opportunities to recover!

Start by taking ace score
Will end up following write therapy that is good for you
-psychology work takes tiem as well to switch off epigentic changes
-got to address everything at same time - bodywork/emotional etc
-its a deep call to transformation, its not a disease its a different expression of you expanding, your disease is expression of growth, your recovery will be non-linear
-sometimes psych/emotional work helps you to push through the tipping point, body knows how to heal itself

Trudy Scott
-tryptophan and GABA to easy anxiety and panic attacks
-food mood expert
-host of anxiety summit
-she was getting severe anxious other than stressful job and peri-menopause
-had gluten issues, was eating vege diet, eating a lot of soy, had KPU, had adrenal fatigue, had low GABA and low progresterone levels
-she went back to school and became nutritionist
-so much of emotional stress and anxiety has biochemical underlying issue
-low zinc and high copper can make us anxious
-manganese and zinc play severe role in infections
-lyme can cause anxiety as nervous system is infected/affected
-treating lyme makes anxiety disappear
-targeted individual amino acids - from testing based on unique needs
-when get benefits with a.a. You go a little higher in doses, targeting best dose
- do questionnaire - if score higher in low serotonin or low gaba you take that a.a. 
Symptoms of low serotonin - anxiety and worry in head in terms of thoughts, negative self talk, etc
Depression, winter blues, panic attacks, emotional eating and craving, afternoon and evening cravings
-a.a. Works quickly, will do a trial
-tryptophan for serotonin deficiency, within 5-10min will feel head worry go away . 500mg afternoon, mid afternoon then evening, check sleep anxiety low self-esteem etc. Can use 5htP 50mg. Likes lidtke brand for tryptophan
-low gaba is anxiety in body (serotonin is head), more phsyical feel
-can have both low gaba and serotonin/tryptophan
-Gaba calm - source naturals, she used it and was life saver for her. 200-250mg
Great bc sublingual. If cant get sublingual open up cap on tongue and then swallow
-gaba does cross bbb and it does work, also have gaba receptors all over body
-phenibut in lew of gaba shes concerned with bc as addictive as benzodiazepines, works for anxiety and insomnia but conernced more like a drug
-doesnt like benzo’s some get on for pain then drug ends up causing anxiety
-not fan of gabapentin, addictive properties
-Pyrolluria - KPU - genetic condition, higher need for certain nutrients, zn/b6 EPO (helps zinc absorption), manganese, inner tension terrible social anxiety
-KPU - joint pain, girls, carl pfeifers work, connection to lyme disease, genetic
-dr klinghardt doesnt believe KPU totally genetic, bugs can induce it
-80-90% of her clients have KPU, alcoholism, autism, lyme, in general KPU made worse in stressful situations - infection/toxin can be considered stress
-should be addressing zinc b6 and other nutrients going hand in hand for pyrolluria, needs to be on zinc and b6 forever. Shoudl be on good multi withOUT copper
-EPO helps with zn absorption
-often see false negatives with KPU
-fatty acid testing - many have high 03 low 06 - can use EPO to raise 06. Want 4:1 ratio 06:03 for body and brain, overdominance of 06 is bad but we need 06 within range
-tryptophan serotonin gaba short term to bump up first shouldnt need long term, may need some extra in winter time
-aboundinginhopewithlyme - blog by trisha - used source natural gaba calm sublinguals that helped treat her daughter
-anti anxiety food solution =her book
-anxiety summit = season 4 this year
-dr chandra for neuropschychiatric lyme disease
-beyond lyme disease - connie streisham
-listen to her summit

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