Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9 part docu-series

I watched this last year and they talked about the vaccines and cancer.  I am looking forward to this year's series. And hoping that on the vaccines episode, that the "nagalase" and GcMAF is mentioned and how some of the holistic doctors are being targeted by Big pHARMa for daring to share that information about the tainted vaccines.

Now Playing: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9 part docu-series.

Watch the most anticipated event of the year right here for free. 131 doctors, scientists, and survivors share their secrets to preventing, treating and healing…
Go to:

(Plus I can share with you that we're starting to make those "Powers That Be" nervous... turns out they're not really fans of free speech!)

However, we're just getting started.

Beginning April 12, we're going to re-release "The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest" 9-part documentary series for a limited time (for free) that you know and love...

The Quest will air April. 12th - 21st

And this time with your help our aim is for it to reach TENS OF MILLIONS who need it. So...

Starts in two more days. I'm stoked about all the updated information. Going to be a fun week. Get in now! to be sure get all the individual documentary series.

Click here to sign up to watch the documentary series online for free:

Another nice little thing I found out about a couple of days ago....  is that when signing up to watch the free online series, they automatically make everyone an affiliate and you get your own link to promote to also win a free DVD set of the series, and with 50 signups, you can get a $50 pre-paid Visa debit card, and with 100 signed up to watch, a $100 prepaid Visa debit.  They didn't have this option last year, so I had no idea that all signups would get this option.  I knew I had the option because I've been with them for over a year, but now everyone can watch a free series and get a piece of the pie.  lol  I may not be getting a card, but I am getting the free DVDs. Would make for a great public viewing party. Yay!

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