Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Monday, June 27, 2016



The Fibro Fix Summit began on June 20th, and tens of thousands learned why proper diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia (FM), as well as other fatigue- and pain-related disorders, is a neglected and poorly understood niche in medicine!

Were you there?

The Fibro Fix Summit could help if you are suffering from:

* Body-wide Pain
* Persistent Fatigue
* Unrefreshed Sleep & Insomnia
* Depression and/or Anxiety
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Thyroid and/or Adrenal Dysfunction

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Did you find the summit helpful? What was your favorite talk?


Josh Axe, DC, from Day 1, because he mentioned the structure alot, and also PRP stem cells, ligament laxity, and Jay Davidson, DC from Day 7.

When they talk about the physical structure and my fav amino acid NAC, then I'm REAL interested, and they definitely have my attention then..

The transcripts are most helpful to read along while listening, because sometimes when they say certain words, I have a hard time understanding what was said. The thyroid ones were interesting, but I already knew that info.

Overall, I learned 6 new things which are:
The word microglia
The word microbiotic
GABA along with B-6 to relax muscles.  (I have to have that!)
All the different kinds of other testing for Lyme, other than the Standard Blot test
The Mineral Taste Test
And that I was my mother's garbage disposal, a first-born child thing.

Everything else talked about, I totally knew.

What was never specifically mentioned about environmental...

Chemtrails, vaccines, nannites (nano-tech) in the Lyme Disease part, but many patients diagnosed with Lyme, never had tick bites, nor the very telling rash.  Ticks can and do cause Lyme, but there are so many never have been bitten by ticks, so it could be coming from elsewhere, like chemtrails, tainted vaccines, or some other delivery method. Have to remember that TPTB want us sick, disabled and dead.

The meninges in the structure, should have been mentioned. It's a well known fact that compressed meninges and compressed upper cervical is HUGE in fibromyalgia.  They should have touched on that more and in great detail. I know all of that already, but the average folks listening would have no idea where to turn to, other then a general chiropractor and/or bodyworker. Josh Axe touched on it, in his talk, but it would have been nice had he elaborated on it in further detail.

Josh Axe mentioned 'Structural Correction" in another article that a blog recently reposted, so I'm guessing he knows about Advanced Biostructural Correction.

On this blog  my mess/ms: Brain and body connection - Dr Axe:   The Brain/Body Connection At Exodus Health Center we specialize in “structural correction chiropractic.” Simply stated, we move and re-shape the entire spinal structure. This highly successful form of treatment is one of the specialties currently ranking us among the largest, fastest growing practices in the world...
Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is what Josh was referring to in that article.

Why we all should do these summits:

The summits are great for the average individual, because most have no idea, of even the general information, let alone the deep details.

Also, with all the holistic doctors exiting the planet, who will be left to teach us that there are always other safer ways of dealing with things?  These summits are EDUCATION for the dumbed down mind numbed masses. Sometimes it is hard to sit still and listen to others talking, but we have to know and learn how to take care of ourselves.  Because the real doctors are dying and taking their knowledge with them.

I have more upcoming summits events to post, so this will be the "Summer of Summits" for us here.


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