Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Fibro Fix Summit Day 7: Critical laboratory investigations for fibro!

DAY 7 (June 26, after 10am US eastern)
Laboratory investigations critical to determining what is really the reason for constellations of chronic symptoms to include pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep dysfunction and intestinal distress will be discussed and their importance explained today at The Fibro Fix Summit.

Get the facts and learn about recovery today!

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Kara Ftzgerald
Kara Fitzgerald, ND
Laboratory Testing Options for Fibromyalgia
  • Metabolic testing with organic acids
  • Testing for Lyme and stealth infections
  • Genetic, nutrient, toxicity and GI testing for FM patients
Roger Deutsch
Roger Deutsch
Food Sensitivity and its Role in Pain and Fatigue
  • Activation of the inflammasome by foods
  • Factors influencing susceptibility to food sensitivity
  • Food intolerance and global pain/fatigue
Todd LePine
Todd LePine, MD
Fibromyalgia and Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Putting together all of the metabolic pieces
  • Minding your mitochondria: A critical gateway to recovery
  • Sleep hygiene: Importance of brain and body restoration
Jay Davidson
Jay Davidson, DC
Lyme Disease as a Fibromyalgia Masquerader
  • Stealth infections with Lyme and co-infections
  • Best testing methods for Lyme disease and co-infection
  • Comprehensive treatment options for Lyme and related infections
Julie Matthews
Julie Matthews, CNC
Oxalates in Pain and Fatigue
  • What are oxalates and why might they be a problem?
  • How oxalate metabolism problems can cause fibromyalgia
  • Determining if you have an oxalate problem


Commentary and Thoughts:

Jay Davidson, DC
Lyme Disease as a Fibromyalgia Masquerader
What You'll Learn -
    * Stealth infections with Lyme and co-infections
    * Best testing methods for Lyme disease and co-infection
    * Comprehensive treatment options for Lyme and related infections
Transcript: Jay Davidson, DC  (PDF)

I liked the approach to several different kinds of testing, as opposed to just one test.  Besides the obvious positive, he goes further in getting what the actual numbers.  Someone with 400 or over, is definitely suffering a neurlogical breakdown, for instance.

And all the different forms of detoxification, EDTA, DMPS, DMSA, ALA, and my ears perked right up when they both mentioned NAC.  It's one of my favorite amino acids, and does so many wonderful things.

NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine): ONE OF THE BEST SUPPLEMENTS bar none! For immune function and detoxification, plus liver health, mental health, and general health. For a while now, the amino acid derivative n-acetyl-cysteine (“NAC”) is one of my favorite supplements.  It's a decongestant. It will cut your cold or flu by about half, raise the antioxidant status of your liver and lungs, protect your kidneys from chemical injury, support detoxification of everything from mercury to acetaminophen to alcohol, and protect your eyes from degenerative damage. Yes please!
Swanson has a clean version in capsules, and it's also sold in bulk.
Website (BulkSupplements):  N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) Powder

And the ALA is mentioned for detoxing mercury.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) Powder
eBay:    (10 grams)
eBay:  (100 grams)
eBay:    (250 grams)
eBay:  (500 grams)
eBay:   (1 Kilogram)
* Note:  eBay items listed separately, as the search yielded a bunch of unwanted junk.
Website (BulkSupplements):  ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) BulkSupplements

Then the SAFER capsules, with no worries of cellulose crap.
Bulksupplements Empty 0 Capsules Gelatin Capsules

And the herx detox reactions are because of drainage problems.  Like lymph stagnation, colon, liver, kidneys already burdened.   Have to unstop the drain, to let the bathwater out, so to speak.

Drainers, Jay referred to as coffee enemas, to purge liver and gallbladder.  Btw, Tony Pantalleresco's Sodium Thiosulphate will definitely clean you out, and he says it's very nasty, but it will do the job.
Talked about on these two YouTube Videos:

Katerina Baboulas posts and articles about drainers... Katerina's recent post on drainage...

Dr Rouggerio's Ultrasound Drainage Protocol - Update:

-Dr R (co-inventor of GcMAF/RERUM) has advocated using a therapeutic version of an ultrasound unit (see files section and UltraSound protocol) to help to target cervical nodes (CCSVI chronic cerebral spinal veinous insufflation) and increase glymphatics of brain to help move lymph and drain brain. Many times you can do this alone or 'push' in medication like GcMAF or RERUM. 

-I have tremendous neuroinflammation that leaves me homebound at the moment so felt i would be best 'test' subject as any relief gives me exponential movement fwd. 

-I tried the ultrasound on neck (cervical node) was ok. Then on temples then base of skull (occiput) and felt as tho was hit by a sledge hammer completely spaced out hard to speak with increase in brain pressure. NOW, it is important to note that i did not use any medication to push through just ultrasound alone. It is also important to note that many patients doing this have tremendous sense of clarity achieved from doing so. 

-it seems i am much too sensitive at the moment for UltraSound Therapy. I leave the treatment on the bench as a back-burner, as once i get my neuropain down it may be something i could re-visit to help drain the brain with tremendous benefit. 

-LLLT (low level lasers) are also now being considered in place of UltraSound, once i have more info i will update and share!

Cheers to this uphill yet thoroughly rewarding healing process!!

Much Love and Healing Blessings, 
Katerina Baboulas


These articles she was referring to in her files section...

Transcranial Ultrasound (helping CCSVI) - Home Unit/Use


Have some exciting news. Spoke with my docs office who has been using trans-cranial ultrasound to help drain lymph in brain/decrease neuro-inflammation. For those who do not have doctors who can do this, there is also a way to access this from home buy purchasing your own. This is upon the recommendation of Dr Rouggerio (GcMAF /RERUM co-inventor) who is using this on his autistic patients to help with brain inflammation. I will be posting the protocol also in the files section so that we have a go-to for it. Right now i am researching for the best unit/price with the right specs, perhaps we can help one another in this effort.
Here is the protocol:
"You will need a machine that is Low-Intensity, Pulsed, Non-thermal (very important) with frequency between 3-7MHz to get the most beneficial results. You will also need clear ultrasound gel.
As far as specific brands, "Exogen" has been recommended by Dr. Ruggerio who came to teach us on this therapy, but I'm not sure of the specs of this product or the price.
The purpose of the transcranial ultrasound is to encourage lymph flow & help decrease brain inflammation.
There are 3 area targeted with the ultrasound treatment: 
1. the neck (over the deep cervical lymph nodes, which are along the jugular veins)
2. the temples (which are an acoustic window to the brain)
3. the occipital foramen on the back of the head (another opening to the brain)
Each place is treated for 30-45 seconds, while applying gentle pressure to the areas. I like to start with the neck on each side, then the temples, then the back of the head at the lower occiput/top of neck, where you feel the crease. You will need to apply firmer pressure at the occipital foramen to make good contact with the area.
It is best to rest for about 10 minutes after the treatment, as you may experience lower blood pressure right afterwards. "

Exogen on Amazon:


Back to Jay Davidson... 

And, as a doctor, Jay looks into how one is going to the bathroom.  Mentioned Squatty Potty, so as to get one in good squatitng position for complete evacuation of the bowel.

I was laughing about the Squatty Potty, because this funny video suddenly came to mind:

And then someone's comment just did me in....

0x777 1 month ago
Usually ads are shit.But this is the shit.

Now cats know how to squat, and CATS ARE THE SHIT!

I can has Squatty Potty, because I'M DA SHIT!

Hahahaha!  It's on Amazon too, so this is a for real product.

So we have the drainers and the squatters.  Couldn't resist the cat humor there.  Moving on...

Jay mentions that Lyme can be diagnosed as fibro, but it's possible to have both going on. With all the vaccines, chemtrails, nannites, GMOs, etc... it's a wonder any of us are still living. He does mention the environment, in general.

Real important for any infection is to allow the fever. If it gets out of hand and too high, then Belladonna homeopathic and tepid baths to bring it down some, but fevers are the body's way of eliminating the toxins.  I guess the reason for me only getting a flu like thing every ten years, is because I've never taken anything to suppress the fever as an adult.  I force myself to sweat it out, no matter how long it takes.  Take whatever essential oil or any other herbal, etc... as needed, but allow the fever, drink Vitamin C in water to bowel tolerance to get keep things moving out and work with it, as opposed to against it.

Heavy metals implicated in Lyme's Disease, Thyroid disease, and even fibromyalgia.  So the more we get this shit out, the better off we'll all be.  It's a never ending thing these days because of the environment, etc...

Selenium competes with mercury in the thyroid, but the heavier metal gets there first, before the lighter mineral does.

The Mineral Taste Test: If a mineral tastes sweet, then the body needs it.  If it tastes bad, then the body doesn't need it.  That's something I've never heard of before.

LEAD is a biggie too.  And this part, if your mom had lead, you got it from her.

EDTA is amazing for getting lead out of the bone, but it doesn't do a great job of getting it out of the body. So if somebody is very toxic from lead - big... Like if your mom has health issues, that's always something to look into to see if you have high lead levels because a lot of times the number one source is your mom.  Paraphrased, because the transcript had typos.

So the first child born to any woman, gets the shit.  Basically, the mother's first child is her garbage disposal for real.  Thanks Mom!  Couldn't you have just skipped sex that one night?  Geez.

What new thing did I learn from this talk?  All the different kinds of other testing for Lyme, other than the Standard Blot test, the Mineral Taste Test, and that I was my mother's garbage disposal, a first-born child thing.  Meh.

Still playing catch up with watching these talks (3 days behind), so stay tuned...


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