Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jan 23 Guest Speaker: Mr. Tony Pantelleresco : Chemtrails and the Morgel...

Well, the local free range eggs are doable, can get raw goat's cheese locally, and real butter.  OK.

One of the solutions he talked about...

Suggestions to remove Nano from food and Drink

When you are juicing any foods fruit and veggies, they cannot be stripped down anymore due to the embedment of nanotech (especially from chemtrails) and especially if there has been pesticide spraying this would make this synergistic in lethality which would cause an endocrine disruptor as well as tumor promoter and organ damaging.

So with some fruits like the kiwi’s apples and pears and some of the meatier fruits like Chinese pear-quince - pineapple-papaya and citrus will be safer to eat but must all be peeled about 1/8 of an inch others will not be safe due to the level of saturation normal consumption will not be wise due to heavy metal loading

So the next thing would be to juice the fruits and veggies, but if consumed you would wind up with nano poisoning due to the concentration.Now the answer would be to filter out, but how is the question? Oil any cheap oil will do such as peanut oil (personally, I would avoid peanut oil, since most people are allergic to it, thank you vaccines!) or other inexpensive oils since you will be discarding the nano saturated oils. Perhaps olive oil would be more sufficient and safe.

Juice whatever you wish, minus all skins or surface off the fruits,  and then juice. When done take the juice and add to a blender and add approximately 1 oz of the oil

Shut lid and pin and what you will see, is that the nano will collect in the oil and after about 3 minutes, stop blender and pour into a glass bottle and wait for the separation and then remove the oil
You have just filtered out the nano.

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