Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, April 3, 2015


From Jim O'Kelly

This medical stranglehold did not just happen with the passing of time; it was a planned conspiracy against the American people, with an eye to the financial gains of the doctors. A sample of this strategy may be seen in the following speech of Dr. W.A. Evans, one of the top medical bosses and Health Commissioner for the city of Chicago, who gave these instructions to the doctors in their annual convention of the American Medical Association in 1911.
“The thing for the medical profession to do is to get right into, and man every important health movement; man health departments, tuberculosis societies, housing societies, child care and infant societies, etc. the future of the profession depends on it…THE PROFESSION CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE THESE PLACES OCCUPIED BY OTHER THAN MEDICAL MEN.” [Caps and bold mine.  ~Jim O'Kelly]
This pronouncement was published in the journal of the A.M.A…September 16, 1911.
From the book,” The Poisoned Needle. E. McBean

Declaration by Dr. John P. Koehler, Commissioner of Health of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in an article in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, November, 1925.
“Since people cannot be vaccinated against their will, the biggest job of a Health Department has always been, and always will be, to persuade the unprotected people to get vaccinated. This we attempted to do in three ways: first by education; second by fright; and third by pressure.
We dislike very much to maintain fright and pressure, yet they accomplish much more than education, because they work faster than education, which is normally a slow process.”

From the book, “The Facts Against Compulsory Vaccination 1929.

You have to admit, they have accomplished their plan.
Jim Novax O’Kelly
Discoverer of the “living virus and antibody deception.

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