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Friday, April 3, 2015


I am going to post statements and sources that caused America to believe that a so-called virus was the cause of polio. The best way to get your proof is to find a book that shows the polio virus. It will say that it was magnified with an electron microscope 100.000 times. All you will see are specks. No one ever ask what the material was that the specks came from.
To those of you that are following this I am going to post a lot of info, no one has. when it is all posted it should make sense.
~Jim O'Kelly

Webster’s encyclopedic dictionary 1951

Old and Real Virus –a poison substance produced in the body by a disease. 1800s
New and Fake. Virus- a submicroscopic particle that reproduces only in a cell. 1900s

The poison that the body produces when you are sick is the infection. And the infection is what they make vaccines from. The infection is the virus, meaning poison. In the infection may be found germs. Pasture found germs in the infected brain of a rabid dog after autopsy and concluded the germ was the cause of the infection. Claude Bernard, Virchow and other intelligent scientist said Pasture had cause and effect backwards. They said the germs were the result of disease, not the cause, like flies cause garbage or garbage causes flies.

So vaccines are made from the result of disease (the infection) formaldehyde is added to kill any germs that may be in the infection. So when they use the term live virus, they are saying that all the germs in the infectious vaccine weren’t killed. The claim is then made that the result of disease will prevent disease. This idea was taught in medical schools by one Dr. Joseph Lux. In 1823 he named this false branch of science Isopathy. 1823 is the year Edward Jenner died. So I think this was a tribute from one quack to another.

Here is an example of what a vaccine virus is. Thomas Francis,M.D.
10 percent suspensions of infected mouse lung served as the source of the virus for the first inoculation in each of the passage series and, after the first swine passage, similar suspensions of infected swine lung were used to inoculate swine of subsequent passages. Virus was injected into the animals. (Nasal discharge of the pig)

And that is what is the virus in the flu shot.

It is well known that inoculation of throat washings from influenza patients into the embryonated egg leads to a higher percentage of virus isolations.

In 1939 Dr. Charles Armstrong of the U.S.P.H.S. gave white mice polio. The virus (poison) he used came from the brain of a young man who had died of polio. Centrifuge. Extract fluid in a syringe. Peter K. Olitsky, M.D. a Rockefeller employee.

Rabies vaccine-There is only a few laboratories outside of France that continue to prepare vaccines from desiccated spinal cords. It has been found that rabbit brain is a much better source of fixed virus than is spinal cord. Harold N. Johnson, a Rockefeller employee.

These animals both received intranasal inoculations of the same pol of human stools. Howard A. Howe,M.D. and David Bodian, M.D. Both Rockefeller men.

So let’s rename the method of the process of injecting poison into the human and animal body. Inoculation is not it. That was pre-Jenner where they took the pus from a sick person and scratched it in to a healthy person. It was called scarification. Vaccination can only be accomplished by taking pus from a human injecting it into a cow and taking the cowpus and injecting that into a healthy person. (Vacca meaning cow.) Don’t do that anymore. Immunization. No comment needed, only the ignorant believe that injecting poison into a body will prevent disease. Isopathy is what they do. So I declare that the proper name for this barbaric racket is getting an Isopathic injection.

So let us get back to what doesn’t cause disease. That would be germs. You don’t have to be a scientist or ask a doctor to understand this. It is a matter of logic and common sense. Here is your no lose argument.

We are told from the time we are able to understand that germs cause colds and other e are than programmed to believe that we can be healthy one minute, attacked by these germs and be sick the next minute. So if that is true why are you not sick with a cold, or meningitis, or cervical cancer, influenza or pneumonia right now? In fact why isn’t everyone sick with one or more of these conditions right this very minute? How could the human race have survived if this was true?

A thinking person will respond with an answer something like this. I am not sick right now because I eat good food, or I take vitamins, or I exercise, etc. That is the correct answer. What that person is saying is I am not sick because my immune system is strong. And there you have it. It’s not the germ but a weak immune system that is the cause of disease. Well actually its one step deeper than that. It’s what caused the body to be weak that is the real cause. And that cannot be germs, because if the germ was had the power to infect healthy people we would all be sick or dead.

So what might make a body subject to get weak or sick? Let me name a few that cannot be doubted. I am sure you can add to the list. First there is smoking and drinking excessively. What happens to people after a period of time that lives on vitamin and mineral deficient food? Can little or no exercise make the system weak? My last thought is stress. Anybody really think that heavy and long term stress cannot cause illness?

So what is the real cause of our illnesses? I guess it’s us, our habits of living. If that is true and we want to avoid doctors and not take drugs that they even say will make us sick or kill us and keep our vital organs intact than maybe it would be a good idea to exchange those unhealthy habits which lead to disease to healthy habits which lead to health.

At least we now should know that it’s not the poor little germ that is the cause of our ill-health.

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