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Candida Summit

Friday, April 3, 2015

Polio Can Be Conquered May 1949

From Jim Novax O’Kelly

Polio Can Be Conquered May 1949
Public affairs Pamphlet No. 150
by Alton L. Blakeslee, science writer for the Associated Press with cooperation of The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

Page 3. The disease is so uncommon that a score (20) or more recognized cases out of every 100,000 population is regarded as an epidemic. Our enemy is a tiny virus which can’t be seen.

Page 4. Bacteria are alive. But the virus is different. It is a complete parasite, working and reproducing only when inside the kind of cells which are its host. In polio, the host are nerve cells.

Page 10. Sister Kenny deserves much of the credit for the modern treatment of polio. She insisted against considerable opposition that her results were far better than those obtained from the old treatment of immobilization. These principles in her treatment now have been aptoped quite generally throughout this country and have contributed to a far more successful treatment of this feared disease.

Page 20. In the past, polio claimed most of its victims among children under five years of age. Now the disease is affecting more children over 5, more teenagers, and more young adults. Page 21. This change in age groups is so marked that the disease really should be called poliomyelitis rather than infantile paralysis.”
[Jim’s comment. Not only did they change the name, they changed the symptoms and the condition of the victim. ]

Page 23. Safe vaccine predicted. Top scientists predict that a safe vaccine will be found. That would be Thomas M. Rivers, Jonas Salk and Thomas Francis Jr.

Page 24. We do know that persons or animals contracting polio develop antibodies against the infection. The antibodies can be found in their blood. But a serum prepared from such blood does not seem to help in protecting other people, or animals. The antibodies are in the blood, while the virus attacks the nerve cells. The two do not come into contact.
Two Recent Developments. Scientist using the powerful electron microscope have seen tiny spherical bodies which may be nearly pure virus.
A dose of truth.

Page 25. Doctors are also hoping for a quick test to tell whether a person is getting polio. The virus cannot be incubated or grown in chicken eggs as in other diseases. The only test for polio so far is to inject suspected material into monkeys or other animals and wait and see if they become sick.
Jim’s research. So inject ground up spinal cord into an animal. If it gets sick it’s the virus attacking. If it doesn’t get sick, it was protected. What a racket.

Page 27. This was in every book as prevention to being attacked by this invisible poison that doesn’t exist. “Make sure your children wash their hands.”

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