Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, April 3, 2015


From Jim Novax O’Kelly

This absurd idea says that,” after enough people are vaccinated, those who aren’t can hide in the herd, protected by those around them. Herd immunity is designed to protect those who cannot be vaccinated. Children benefit from herd immunity-the protection of all the vaccinated kids around them. The question of logic, one word will put this nonsense to rest. How? The question is how this poison injected into one person would protect another person. Here are some statements from the book, VIRUSES THE SMALLEST ENEMY.

P. 1. Virus, a tiny submicroscopic particle that is not really alive but is nonetheless capable of multiplying in living organisms.
P. 2. A virus is composed of only two substances: a nucleic acid, and a protein.
P.3. A virus is unable to function or multiply outside of living cells. No scientist has yet succeeded in getting a virus to multiply in a artificial medium. In their nature and arrangement, the individual viruses are as inert and inactive as the sodium and chloride ions in a crystal of common salt.
P. 4. The virus does not really draw nourishment from the host-being just a simple collection of chemicals, it doesn’t need any nourishment-and it doesn’t reproduce in the way that typical living creatures do either. The virus cannot split itself in two; it cannot bud off little offspring viruses; it is incapable of producing virus spores or virus egg and sperm.
P. 6. The virus is dependent on its host cell. Every cell that the virus kills means one less host cell to nurture new virus particles. The virus does not mean to kill the cell; its only aim is to insure its own multiplication. Even the most lethal viruses cannot be that lethal, or we would not be around to talk about them.
P. 7. As with many other difficult-to-answers questions, the problem here is more with the question than the answer. Ignorance about viruses is not the cause of the problem; scientist knows exactly where viruses stand with respect to living things: they are living-and they are not. It’s the difficulty of defining “living things” that creates the problem.”

Jim’s comment: It’s hard to comment on these stupid statements. I have no trouble knowing that this keyboard is not alive, or my desk, chair, wall, book, lamp etc. why does the scientist have this problem? My guess would be that some are not too smart and some know where the money is, and some know there is a sucker born every minute.
Now you should understand why both herd immunity and virus shedding and living virus that attack and cause disease is a myth, and absurdity, and a lie. Not to mention antibody’s, it’s all Frankenstein science

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