Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, April 3, 2015


From Jim Dandy Novax O’Kelly

Virus latency

January 1957. Jonas Salk wrote to Henry Kumm, the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis Director of Research. “The propensity of some microorganisms (virus) to remain in the body in a state of parasitic equilibrium for years at a time until something upsets the equilibrium and induces a flare-up. The best known examples are herpes simplex, the cold sore, but the phenomenon has been noticed in chickenpox, shingles, and central respiratory infections.”

So a virus which is a poison somehow gets into the body and hides until “something upsets the equilibrium and induces a flare up” then comes alive and causes a different disease. And this is your modern science? Jonas Salk who made vaccines out of monkey kidney and knew there was no such thing as a living virus.

Jonas Salk, the same man who perpetrated the great polio massacre of 1955. Salk never looked for a living virus as he knew it didn’t exist. He was promoting antibodies of which he never saw either. It was the greatest con-game ever pulled off on the medical profession and the world.

How do I know? I purchased a copy of the actual field trial report of 1954. I also have the original stories published by Time magazine of the experiment on the children in 1954 and 55.

When you read the actual scientific report you discover the lies and deception that the reporters were told by Salk and his gang. And by the way, Salk said in print he saw antibodies circulating in the blood. That was in the 1950s. With today’s modern equipment that should be a piece of cake. I have done my homework. If you believe in antibodies and living virus, I urge you to do yours. Find the scientist today who says this is true. Just ask any virologist to show you the proof that virus is alive and antibodies attack it. It’s time to for the truth if you’re looking for it, you will find it.

Jim Dandy Novax O’Kelly
Founder of the new
Anti-Vaccination League of America

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