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Candida Summit

Friday, April 3, 2015

Doctor What Can I Do about INFANTILE PARALYSIS?

Doctor What Can I Do about INFANTILE PARALYSIS?
The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis June 1949

Page 5. Symptoms All degrees of illness possible. Says other diseases may be mistaken for polio. Says people have it without knowing it. List a ton of symptoms again. Just about every cold could be diagnosed as polio and probably was.

Page 8. The virus which causes infantile paralysis is a form of organism too small to be seen even under the most powerful microscope. It will pass through filters fine enough to hold back all bacteria. Hence, it has been frequently called an ultra-microscopic or filterable virus.
The ability of the polio virus to grow and multiply is not only dependent upon living cells, but is limited to a few cells of but few animals. Man, himself seems to be the best host for the virus.

Page 9. Virus strikes in four days.

Page 10. Researchers are optimistic that a vaccine may be developed to prevent human poliomyelitis.

Page 13. Repeats about Elizabeth Kenny.

Jim’s comment. Again they cover their ass by saying the virus has never been seen.
And the push for a vaccine to attack a virus they admit they have never seen.
And the virus they have never seen strikes in 4 days.

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