Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Friday, April 3, 2015


More to come. save them all. read each one separately then study them all.
~Jim O'Kelly


Page 8. General Advisory Committee. Morris Fishbein, Vice Chairman…Editor, the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Commander Thomas M. Rivers. Director, The Hospital of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

Committee on Virus Research – Commander Thomas M. Rivers, chairman
Dr. Charles Armstrong-Senior Surgeon. U.S. Public Health Service, National Institute of Health
Committee on Epidemics—Dr. Charles Armstrong

BOARD OF TRUSTEES-Marshall Field-Edsel B. Ford-Averell Harriman-Basil O’Connor and many more. Rivers had anybody who was anybody behind him. Who could oppose him and his criminal gang. Thanks for the inventors of the internet. Rivers never thought this kind of info would be available 73 years later.

Page 15. The NFIP distributed $1,142,009.35 to the penny, . This money was used for Virus research, After-Effects research, Education and Epidemics. It went like this. Scare the people with made-up epidemics, and promote kids who are crippled up on the media.(after effects) The fear this generates will bring in the money. Use the money to mis-educate the medical profession who will mis-educate their patients. Then figure out how to make vaccines that produce little or no harm.

Here is how they bought and controlled the major universities.
Page 16. Gave $300,000.00 to The Johns Hopkins University to establish a Center for Research in Poliomyelitis and Related Virus Diseases.

A sample of the sick psychopathic research.
Page 17. The virus has been highly purified and has been reported as possibly occurring in a crystalline form. At least, it has been so purified that material obtained from the brains and spinal cords of animals dying of infantile paralysis could be diluted many millions of times and still produce typical infection when injected into a susceptible animals.”
Jim’s findings. They fail to mention that animals did not get infantile paralysis. That was strictly a human condition. For an animal to lose its ability to walk it had to be injected with some kind of poison. So they would inject poison into a animals brain to make it sick. Then kill it. Then they would cut the brain out and make the vaccine poison and inject it into another animal What they also don’t mention is that for their animals to be susceptible they would inject cortisone in them or subject the animal to radiation. A very well thought out but sick plan to make money.
Page 17. Cont. “it is not simple to trace the pathways taken by a virus which is invisible even by the use of high-powered microscopes.”

Jim’s comment. How do you comment on such stupidity? Not the con-men but the medical profession who believed this. 

Page 19. They list the institutions they gave money to. University of Michigan. $40,000 “Purpose * To continue to give aid for the express purpose of creating and maintaining facilities to train virologists and to study virus diseases, with particular emphasis on poliomyelitis.”

What they don’t want you to know. Thomas Francis was in charge of the virus program and Jonas Salk came there to train on April 12, 1942.

Michigan department of Health. $13,210.00 “Purpose * To conduct studies of the prophylactic and therapeutic action of a variety of substances on poliomyelitis infections in mice and cotton rats. Also $8,100.00 to study the value of human convalescent serum in protecting monkeys against infection with poliomyelitis virus, using the Armstrong and other strains.

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MEDICAL SCHOOL. Grant $7000.00 Purpose * To continue the investigation of various forms of therapy of experimental poliomyelitis and other neurotropic virus diseases by the use of biological or chemical agents.”

There are 16 more institutions they gave money to in order to study the agent they couldn't see even under high powered microscopes. How is your faith in medical science now?

After-Effects much to write. But they endorse Sister Kenny’s treatment and order training manuals and nurses to be trained with her methods.

Page 27. To date all studies carried on in this field under grants from the National Foundation tend to support the validity of the claims and hypotheses of Miss Kenny.

I have not researched when they stopped backing Miss Kenny, but I can sure guess why they got rid of her. The next facts come from the book, BREAKTHROUGH, THE SAGA OF JONAS SALK, by Richard Carter. 1965. A must read for anyone who has discovered the truth about the polio fraud.
The foundation gave the Georgia Warm Springs foundation $225,000.00 to conduct its work and research studies in connection with infantile paralysis. Jim’s comment. President Roosevelt bought warm Springs in 1926 for $2000, 000. In 1928 he tells Basil O’Connor his law partner to take it over. By 1932, when Roosevelt was elected President, the Foundation was on the Rocks, and the desk of Secretary-Treasurer O’Connor was piled high with unpaid bills. So in 1933 President Roosevelt used his position to sponsor birthday dances in his name to raise money his Warm springs business. Their con-slogan was occasions “to dance so that others may walk.” The first public appeal for funds raised $1,049,577.45

“The American most disgruntled by what had happened was Dr. Michael Hoke, chief surgeon at Warm Springs. He wrote O’Connor that the publicity had been more appropriate for “a box factory or a foundry” than a polio treatment center, and the sponsors of the undertaking “fit in with a medical outfit about as accurately as a jackass would with a symphony orchestra.”

Page 15. Eugene Talmadge, the Governor of Georgia, called the resort “a racket.” Roosevelt organize the new name, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and Basil O’Connor became its president.

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