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Friday, April 3, 2015


From Jim Novax O’Kelly

The Importance of Research October 1942.
By Don W. Guddakunst, M.D. medical Director for the NFIP.
With a foreward by Morris Fishbein,M.D. Editor of the A.M.A.
“There must be a never-ending search for some drug that can kill the virus once it has entered the body or once its hiding place in nature has been found. The research problems are greatly magnified by adding to this list the hope of developing some sort of vaccination.

Page 14. Some 30 years ago it was shown that infantile paralysis was due to a virus-caused by a thing so small it could not be seen even with the most powerful microscope; yet it was APPARENTLY a living organism, capable of reproducing and multiplying itself many thousands of times within the body of its victim. “
Jim’s comment. This was Landsteiner injecting poison into the head of a monkey.

Page 20. to Miss Kenny this was mechanical, and to her there was certainly nothing hopeless about the situation. She saw that muscles were painful and sore, that they were hard, contracted and in spasm, pulling the opposite muscles out of shape so that they could no longer function.”

Page 22. Physicians had always been taught that infantile paralysis was really paralysis. Kenny claimed that infantile paralysis was rarely paralysis, but was really spasm of muscles. This was an exactly opposite concept. Physicians used a method of treatment which consisted of immobilization by casts and splints. Kenny contended that these were all wrong for they merely increased the spasm and led to contractures and permeant deformities. Time has not been permitted for evaluation on all points, but certain things have been brought out showing that Kenny’s claims are on a sound foundation.
In a laboratory equipped with delicate electrical instruments, the strength of nerve impulses was determined in both paralyzed muscles and those in spasm. As an impulse to produce motion travels down the course of a nerve to a muscle, minute electrical currents are generated. These can be picked up and magnified, as are the waves coming to a radio receiving set. They can be measured, recorded photographically, studied and analyzed. It was found that many muscles which were unable to move were not truly paralyzed in the sense that their nerves were destroyed, but were in spasm. Nerve impulses still were being sent to them, but did not produce motion.

In the same laboratory, heat applied after the Kenny treatment to some of these muscles. They showed recovery of their ability to transmit nerve impulses in a normal way and once more to have these impulses translated into useful motion. Other sick muscles were not treated. After long weeks they still showed their spasm! Here was the first real proof that Miss Kenny was treating a condition which actually did exist.

Page 26. The cause of infantile paralysis is known. It is a virus. Without it infantile paralysis cannot occur and nothing else can cause infantile paralysis.

Page 28. The virus literally feeds upon such cells, causing them to be damaged or killed.

This is the bull shit that was sold to your parents and grandparents.

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